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Service Details

“Mu Rugo” Centre Program (Centre Familial)

Women and Men Partnership Against Violence

Mutual discussions to dig much deeper into the root causes of violence and seeking together solutions to end any form of violence

Women Holistic Empowerment

In a society that left women behind, much effort is deployed to help them recreate what they can do, be and accomplish

Marriage in Harmony Initiative

Mentorship to new couples and those to be, couples meeting to exchange ideas, marital conflicts resolutions

Piloting Aquaponics for sustainable food and fodder production in Rwanda

Giving smallholder farmers the option to diversify their crops through ecofriendly farming, i.e. aquaponics/hydroponics as an alternative to normal agricultural practices by establishing working aquaponics farms and demonstrating that vegetables/fish can be raised successfully in Rwanda.

Sustainable Agriculture, Food security and Environment Protection Public Health Promotion