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  • Feb 9, 2019
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RUNGANO DAY- Building strong Relationships

On 21st October 2018, Youth of Runganondota gathered in Monthly Rungano day. That Rungano day took place the same place, at Youth Friendly Center Ruhango. It was attended by Team Leaders and Youth, all Participants were 93%
Theme of the day was “Build strong Relationships”

• Good relationship, I understand not securing my neighbor.
• Good relationship I understand Love among people, happiness helping each other
• Good relationship I understand live with others in peace
• Good relationship I understand helping each other in activities and ideas.
• Good relationship I understand love and team working.
• Good relationship, I understand integrity and love peace.
• Good relationship I understand unity and feeling in each other.

Yvonne and Rugamba facilitated in self-care groups formation, those groups were :

• Environmental conservation group
• Patriotism group
• Family Enhancement group
• Peace and Respect group
• Love and mutual support group

Fun box helped youth to knowing each other, Adeline and Rugamba explained youth how is it done and tried to practice.

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